Ancillary Fees

State Searches

Certificate of Good Standing$150.00
UCC Search - State$100.00 per name
Pending Litigation$125.00 per name


Air Resources$75.00
Bankruptcy Search$40.00 per name
Certificate of Occupancy Searchstarts at $150.00
ECBstarts at $75.00
Emergency Repairstarts at $75.00
Fire Department Searchstarts at $75.00
Flood Search$75.00
Fuel Oil Search$75.00
Health Department Search$75.00
Highway Search$75.00
Housing & Building Searchstarts at $75.00
Landmark Search$75.00
Patriot Search$40.00 per name
Sewer Searchstarts at $65.00
Street Report$50.00
Zoning Search$75.00

All search fees are subject to New York State sales tax, where applicable.

Title insurance premiums in New York State are regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services and are based on a wide variety of factors, including the property type, property location, transaction type, and transaction amount. Use one of our title rate calculators to determine your title insurance premium or call us at 631.424.6100 to speak with a title expert.

Other Charges

12 Month Chain of Title$125.00
24 Month Chain of Title$150.00
Abstract Only$450.00
ACRIS/Westchester Prep$175.00
Attorney Search$350.00
Business Search$225.00
Certified Copystarts at $100.00
Co-Op Search (includes one contin)$450.00
Copies of Documentsstarts at $50.00
Corporate Francise Tax$100.00
Covenant & Restriction Certification$425.00
Covenant & Restriction Search$325.00
Dedication Certificate$400.00
Extra Chainstarts at $125.00
Exam Fee (Zone 1)starts at $350.00
Foreclosure Search (includes taxes and bankruptcy searches)$400.00
40 Year Chain of Title$300.00
Grantee/Grantor Searchstarts at $150.00
Judgments/Liens$75.00 per name
Last Deed of Record$75.00
Last Owner Search$125.00
Lis Pendens Search$125.00
Map Registration Certificate with Filing$750.00
Open Mortgage Search$250.00
Personal Injury$125.00
Rescission Contin$75.00
Single & Separate Searchstarts at $500.00
Street Abandonment Certificate with Filing$750.00
Surrogates Search with returns$100.00 plus copies
Surrogates Search without returns$100.00
Survey Locate$50.00
Survey Inspection$90.00
Tax Redemption Certificate$450.00
Tax Search$75.00
Tax Forms (includes ACRIS & Westchester Prep)$175.00
Title Update$125.00
UCC Search - County$100.00 per name
Zoning Lot Certificates with Filing$750.00

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